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Innovative, effective and affordable is what defines us.

We help you make your farming profitable, cost friendly and safe by providing you with unique farm inputs that are  affordable, effective, innovative  and environmental friendly.

About our services

Our dream is to help you set up a farming system that is environmentally-friendly, healthy, profitable and innovative.

Agro-input products

We partner with eco friendly and climate change conscious agricultural companies to avail high quality seeds, pest control products and organic fertilizers solutions to African farmers.
We are the official distributors of rebearth, Pheromone lures and cockroach gel in Uganda. we are inventors of the hand maize thresher, Metallic water bath and the Agape organic fertilizer among others.

Farm establishment

No one does farm establishment better than us in East Africa. Are you planning to go into farming as a retirement plan, are you an investor wishing to make money in Uganda's farming system? We are the right people. Our experience spans across projects from a few acres to square miles. we can establish annual, perennial, fruit and forest plants in any part of East Africa.

Public health products

Our aim is to effectively solve public health challenges like home pests, disease vectors and vermin in ways that are environmentally friendly, easy to use and affordable. We are redefining pest control in Ugandan homes. We supply both traders and individual users Kindly look at the catalogue below for more information about our products

Vet- services

We are your dedicated partner in pet care, offering a wide array of veterinary services designed to ensure the health and happiness of your animals. From routine wellness check-ups and vaccinations to advanced medical treatments and surgical procedures, our experienced and compassionate team is committed to providing top-notch care. We pride ourselves on client education initiatives, and a compassionate approach to veterinary medicine. y. Schedule an appointment today to experience the Agape Innovations Limited difference in personalized and expert veterinary care. At Agape Innovations Limited, your animal's well-being is our priority.

our product categories

Quality seeds, Organic fertilizers, farm inputs, Pest and disease control technologies, Vet services and ICT solutions for farming

Vegetable Seeds

20 Types

Organic Fertilizers

28 Brands

Public health solutions

10 Items

Insect Traps

55 Items

Crop Boosters

36 Items

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Featured Products


Sky- Congo (on Agape Organic Fertilizer).

I used Agape Organic fertilizer in my maize garden and my yield was significantly higher. At first I was not convinced that an organic fertilizer could work on maize. this organic fertilizer from Agape proved me wrong.


Pavin -Kampala (Cockroach gel).

I don’t think I have seen a perfect solution for cockroaches like this one. I had a big problem of cockroaches but they were gone in one night. 

Arthur- Kakumilo (Rebearth).

Rebearth is a product that is class apart. In my maize field, it worked for me as a fertilizer, and an insecticide. I never saw Fall army worms in my garden yet all my neighbors had that problem big deal.

Opio-Soroti (water bath).

I used the water bath to control Tomato leaf miners in my tomato gardens and oh boy, I saw the insects get trapped and killed immediately. I didn’t know such a product exists. Thanks to Agape 

Okello-Lira (Yellow traps).

My farmers love yellow traps because they are so effective. Mango and water melon farmers are so appreciative of the performance of this product. I make some good money on the sale of these traps

Nakimbugwe-Luweero (Melon lures).

I don’t know where the melon lures have been all along. I had almost given up on growing water melon but a friend introduced me to  this product. I gave them a try but for the first time, I got no damage of melon flies on my watermelons. 

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