False codling moth trap/ FCM




False codling moth traps
These are traps that control FCM insects in crops like pepper, avocadoes and roses.
It is best to place traps for the first time when the pests are at low density, or at least 1 month before
harvest and maintain traps between cropping cycles. Trapping during the post-harvest period is
important. During the post-harvest period many males emerge from drying plants and the soil and their
capture lowers pest pressure for the next crop cycle.
 For mass trapping about 90-120 traps per hectare would be for open fields.
 Put the traps 1.2-2m above from the floor. Peripheral dense, thin in the middle.
 Pay attention to the wind direction. Put more at the place where wind come from.
 Lures can be changed every 4-6 weeks to get the most accurate results. Replace the lures every
4-6 weeks.
 Replace the sticky card when the card is full of insects.
 Lures handling Pheromone lures are very sensitive tool. They can be affected by exposure to
elevated heat and direct sunshine. Direct touching by hand may cause cross contamination
leading to mixed catches in the trap.
 Some contaminants such as Nicotine may have repellent effect reducing trap catch.
 Lure Storage Cool dry place. Shelf life can vary from 3-36 months depending on the storage
 The pheromone lure is easily to volatilize, therefore we keep it refrigerated under (-15℃ to -5℃
)for long term storage until us


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