Rebearth Organic 5mls



Rebearth is a certified organic product recognized by EU organic certifying body and USDA for the USA as
well as the Kenya’s kilimo trust. Rebearth works perfectly on all crops ranging from perennials like
coffee, sugarcane cereals like maize, rice, wheat to vegetables like tomatoes, pepper, watermelon as well
as ornamentals like flowers, herbs and spices. Literally, all crops! For best results, rebearth is used at
planting, during growth and at flowering. It is a water-based bio-stimulant that is being used world over
by organic farmers to improve yields. It can help the plant overcome heat and drought stress, improve
germination, reduce fruit abortion and increase yield
How to use it: at planting, mix 5mls of rebearth in 15 liters of water and soak the seeds for 12 hours and
then plant. During growth, apply rebearth after the first weeding and also when the plants have begun
flowering. Mix 5 mls in 20 litres of water.
Best results are seen when the application is done 3 times in a season. Rebearth is compatible with
other agro-inputs and can be applied together
Agape Organic fertilizer
This is a perfect replacement for the inorganic fertiliz


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