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Our passion to see the African farmer do better

we do not only stop at providing the best inputs for our farmers but we also train you on how to use them effectively. We also give you tips as well as follow up to make sure that you get the desired results.

VET services

Discover tailored veterinary excellence dedicated to advancing the health of farm animals. Our experienced team merges scientific expertise with agricultural insight, providing specialized services such as comprehensive herd health management and advanced diagnostics. Partner with us for a new era in agricultural veterinary solutions

Field visit

At Agape, we pride ourselves in a high trained staff. We have the ability of either helping you set up your dream farm or reaching at your farm and giving you a technical opinion on how you can do better. This helps you to make wise and informative decisions regarding your farming enterprise

Farm clinics

we conduct farm clinics teaching farmers about ways of having healthy farms and gardens. our team of professionals is equipped with the expertise and skill of helping farmers understand what problems they are facing and how they can effectively solve them. Do you want to know more on how we do it, contact us.


Wondering on how to get our products? worry no more, at Agape we have an ability of delivering whatever you have ordered from us to any where in Uganda and beyond. our reach delivery system and network ensures that you receive your items in good shape and on time

Agric Consultancy

We partner with Farmers, NGOs, and Governmnets

AIL collects data and consults with farmers, NGO’s and government partners to help them grow better crops and navigate complex and changing environmental regulations.

We help farmers optimize soil fertility, identify and control pests, and manage the land to minimize erosion and nutrient losses.  Agape believes in farming, science-based decision making, and that each of us makes a difference for farmers today and for future generations.

Agape is committed to helping farmers produce the best crops in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. Our team consists of crop consultants who handle the crop side of your business, and environmental planning consultants who handle the climatic, mapping and land use side of the business. While our crop consultants are keeping up with the latest in seed varieties, IPM, and yield analysis; our planning consultants are keeping up with the ever changing and dynamic process of the entire ecosystem.

AIL offers Agronomic field assessment, data collection and analysis through our diverse team of expert in agriculture, environment and data science that assures that we are getting the very best data at the field level in which to make the most informed decisions for the client. This approach provides our clients with a team of people who are focused on specific aspects of an operation. We feel that with the complexities of modern farming, a team approach provides the best service to our farm clients.

Is AIL Agro Consulting services for you?

  • Are you getting maximum yields from all areas of each field?
  • Are you using crop inputs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner?
  • Are you comfortable with the size of your business?
  • Are you using the most advanced technologies to gather critical data about your farms?

If you answered no to any of these questions, contact Agape consulting Services. We’ll show you how we can become your partner in profitability.

We Can Help You Grow

Are you resisting growth because it is difficult to hire qualified people? Agape Consulting Services professionals can manage many of the day-to-day tasks that can be burdensome on larger operations. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Farm mapping and evaluation
  • Soil and plant analysis
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Integrated pest management
  • Water management
  • Manure management
  • Experimentation and Farm-metrics
  • Environmental services and recommendations

Ag-Tech Development and Applications

Tailored and affordable ICT solutions

With the current tide of global digital migration, the small-scale farmers in Africa seem to be left behind.

At Agape we provide various sector and location tailored and, affordable ICT product design, development and application services for scaling and bundling agric info, technology and research to enable grassroot farmers and other agric stakeholders scope and benefit from digital interventions.

Through a list of open source (freely accessible) mobile applications that operate offline, we are at the forefront of Agricultural digitization in Uganda for improved and sustainable production. Contact us for your next Agritech project.

Field and Extension Services

Solutions to optimize available resources, and climate-smart agriculture.

There are many huddles in agriculture and despite the government’s intervention, majority of small holder farmers who form the biggest percentage of farmers in Uganda get to deal with each of them solely. These range from the dynamic nature of the environment such as climate change, pests and diseases and, soil fertility declines whose effects are heavily felt by small holder farmers.

At Agape, we therefore conduct advisory and extension related activities equipping farmers with knowledge and skills on how to manage pests and diseases, do GAPs, scope with climate change effects, climate-smart agriculture among other climate change concepts. We therefore provide up-to-date climate info packages that suite specific agricultural applications at different stages of crop production so us to build resilience.

Agape fields a professional and dedicated team of individuals to help farmers ensure optimal utilization of available resources. 

Agri Investment

let us help you to set up your farm

We have a deep experience in setting up crop farms in various areas of Uganda. we have set up sugarcane plantations, sunflower farms, forest trees, coffee farms among other plantations.  we also have a great expertise in setting up animal farms like poultry, piggery, diary among others


Our clients are happy people...!!!!

cockroaches had made lose my clients in my hotel but after trying out the cockroach gel from Agape, It has been ages since I last saw a cockroach. I am so happy I found out this company

Annet Namukasa

I use rebeath on my hotpepper that I sell to the export company here in kangulumira. being an organic product, rebearth is the only fertilizer that I use and oh boy my garden looks envious

Hasana Katumba

If you havent used Agape seeds, you are missing a lot. I have been using Agape watermelon for a year now and using their fruit fly traps to controll fruit flies in my melon and mangoes. traders literally fight for my melon fruits. Agape Innovations is a blessing to me

Sarah Chebet

In my district of Kamuli, striga and fall army worm is a big problem for maize. I landed on a link to an app called push-pull on the Agape website. I used knowledge in the app to grow maize and for the first time in my entire life, I was able to grow maize free of striga and army worm damage

Mbeiza Caroline

I no longer fight with tomato leaf miner. I just go to agape, buy traps and hang them in my garden. Thats all. I come and find all the pests in the trap and my fruits healthy

Seforoza Karugire

I am a proud investor with Agape Innovations limited. for the third time now, my ka money comes back on time and with interests. I have no problem with Agape guys surely

Farouq Iganachi

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