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Our passion to see the African farmer do better

we do not only stop at providing the best inputs for our farmers but we also train you on how to use them effectively. We also give you tips as well as follow up to make sure that you get the desired results.

Agape Studios

Agape Innovations Limited is thrilled to announce the launch of our new studio, dedicated to showcasing the remarkable stories and innovations within the agricultural community. Through our studio, we aim to amplify your impact and provide a platform for you to share your journey like never before. From preserving the rich history behind your farm to crafting compelling video adverts that highlight the unique value of your agricultural products and services, our team specializes in connecting you with fellow farmers and enthusiasts.

Field visit

At Agape, we pride ourselves in a high trained staff. We have the ability of either helping you set up your dream farm or reaching at your farm and giving you a technical opinion on how you can do better. This helps you to make wise and informative decisions regarding your farming enterprise

Farm clinics

we conduct farm clinics teaching farmers about ways of having healthy farms and gardens. our team of professionals is equipped with the expertise and skill of helping farmers understand what problems they are facing and how they can effectively solve them. Do you want to know more on how we do it, contact us.

Livelihood programs and consultancy

At AGAPE, our specialized consulting team in Agriculture and Livelihoods is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of Livelihoods programs implemented by International Organizations, ensuring tailored interventions that address local needs and contexts. We excel in guiding organizations through every stage of program implementation, from pre-implementation consultations to post-implementation evaluations, guaranteeing sustainable impact and community empowerment. Our expertise also extends to evaluating and optimizing the adoption of agricultural technologies, overcoming challenges and maximizing benefits for communities. Through collaborative partnerships and targeted recommendations, we ensure that interventions are not only effective but also scalable and sustainable. Join us in creating meaningful change and fostering resilient livelihoods worldwide

Agricultural Consultancy

Livelihoods and Agriculture Program consultancy

What do we do:

  • As a consulting team specializing in Agriculture and Livelihoods at AGAPE, our primary focus is on evaluating and enhancing the efficiency of Livelihoods programs implemented by various International Organizations operating in the livelihoods sector. We offer tailored consultancy services aimed at customizing interventions to address the specific needs and contexts of local communities. Our expertise extends to providing guidance both before and after the implementation of Livelihoods activities, ensuring that programs are effectively designed, implemented, and monitored for sustainable impact. Additionally, we assess the efficacy of agricultural technologies in different regions, aiming to optimize their adoption and utilization for the benefit of communities.

What problem are we solving:

    • Our work addresses the challenge of effectively addressing livelihood needs and promoting sustainable agricultural practices in diverse contexts across regions. Many International Organizations face the challenge of designing and implementing Livelihoods programs that truly meet the needs of local communities and contribute to long-term resilience and empowerment. Furthermore, the adoption of agricultural technologies often faces hurdles due to mismatches with local conditions or inadequate evaluation of their efficacy. By offering targeted consultancy services and evaluations, we help organizations overcome these challenges, ensuring that interventions are appropriately tailored, impactful, and conducive to the well-being of communities.

What activities are involved:

    • Our activities encompass a range of services aimed at optimizing Livelihoods programs and agricultural technologies:
    • Conducting pre-implementation consultations to understand local needs and contexts.
    • Designing customized interventions in collaboration with International Organizations.
    • Providing ongoing support and guidance during program implementation.
    • Conducting post-implementation evaluations to assess impact and identify areas for improvement.
    • Assessing the efficacy of agricultural technologies through field trials and evaluations.
    • Offering recommendations for optimizing the adoption and utilization of agricultural technologies.
    • Collaborating with stakeholders at various levels to ensure the sustainability and scalability of interventions.
    • Providing training and capacity building to local partners and communities to enhance their participation and ownership of Livelihoods programs.)

Are you an international company seeking partners in Sub-Saharan Africa to optimize your Livelihoods programs and agricultural technologies? AGAPE’s specialized consulting team offers tailored services to enhance program efficiency and ensure sustainable impact. From pre-implementation consultations to post-implementation evaluations, we customize interventions to meet local needs and promote long-term resilience and empowerment. Let us help you overcome challenges and maximize benefits for communities in diverse contexts.

Ag-Tech Development and Applications

Tailored and affordable ICT solutions

With the current tide of global digital migration, the small-scale farmers in Africa seem to be left behind.

At Agape we provide various sector and location tailored and, affordable ICT product design, development and application services for scaling and bundling agric info, technology and research to enable grassroot farmers and other agric stakeholders scope and benefit from digital interventions.

Through a list of open source (freely accessible) mobile applications that operate offline, we are at the forefront of Agricultural digitization in Uganda for improved and sustainable production. Contact us for your next Agritech project.

Field and Extension Services

Solutions to optimize available resources, and climate-smart agriculture.

There are many huddles in agriculture and despite the government’s intervention, majority of small holder farmers who form the biggest percentage of farmers in Uganda get to deal with each of them solely. These range from the dynamic nature of the environment such as climate change, pests and diseases and, soil fertility declines whose effects are heavily felt by small holder farmers.

At Agape, we therefore conduct advisory and extension related activities equipping farmers with knowledge and skills on how to manage pests and diseases, do GAPs, scope with climate change effects, climate-smart agriculture among other climate change concepts. We therefore provide up-to-date climate info packages that suite specific agricultural applications at different stages of crop production so us to build resilience.

Agape fields a professional and dedicated team of individuals to help farmers ensure optimal utilization of available resources. 

Agape studios

let us help you to set up your farm

Calling all farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs! Agape Innovations Limited is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the Agape Studio, a dynamic hub designed to spotlight the incredible stories and innovations within the agricultural world. Picture this: your farm’s legacy immortalized in captivating videos, your products showcased in compelling adverts, and your expertise shared with a global audience through live social media sessions. With our team of skilled storytellers and content creators, we’re not just offering services – we’re offering you a chance to stand out, connect deeply with your audience, and propel your agricultural business to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer with decades of experience or a visionary entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, our studio is your gateway to success. Experience the power of personalized storytelling, top-notch production quality, and unwavering support tailored to your unique goals. Join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of agriculture and let’s make your mark together. Contact us today to book your studio session and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and impact.


Our clients are happy people...!!!!

cockroaches had made lose my clients in my hotel but after trying out the cockroach gel from Agape, It has been ages since I last saw a cockroach. I am so happy I found out this company

Annet Namukasa

I use rebeath on my hotpepper that I sell to the export company here in kangulumira. being an organic product, rebearth is the only fertilizer that I use and oh boy my garden looks envious

Hasana Katumba

If you havent used Agape seeds, you are missing a lot. I have been using Agape watermelon for a year now and using their fruit fly traps to controll fruit flies in my melon and mangoes. traders literally fight for my melon fruits. Agape Innovations is a blessing to me

Sarah Chebet

In my district of Kamuli, striga and fall army worm is a big problem for maize. I landed on a link to an app called push-pull on the Agape website. I used knowledge in the app to grow maize and for the first time in my entire life, I was able to grow maize free of striga and army worm damage

Mbeiza Caroline

I no longer fight with tomato leaf miner. I just go to agape, buy traps and hang them in my garden. Thats all. I come and find all the pests in the trap and my fruits healthy

Seforoza Karugire

I am a proud investor with Agape Innovations limited. for the third time now, my ka money comes back on time and with interests. I have no problem with Agape guys surely

Farouq Iganachi

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